Debt adviser workflow

Digital platform for managing debt advice

Engage clients digitally, connect with creditors, and let technology do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on helping more people access debt advice.

Elifinty consumer app
Elifinty consumer app

Workflow for debt advisers

From small to large debt advisers we offer a complete workflow for all your debt advice needs.

No integration required

It's simple to set-up on our platform and start benefiting from our tools and services.

Grow your productivity

Increase your capacity to help clients using our intelligent workflows and digital tools.

Real-time collaboration

Directly connect with clients and creditors to share data and agree debt solutions.

How it works

The easiest way to manage end-to-end debt advice

From enquiry to debt solution, our workflow intelligently manages the debt advice process to minimise data input and maximise client focus.

Receive enquiries

Customer enquiries and third-party referrals appear directly in your workflow.

Gather data

Our smart web app lets customers share financial and non-financial details, as well as book an appointment.

Connect with creditors

Share data with creditors to validate arrears and provide progress updates.

Agree solution

Create and agree appropriate debt solutions for your clients.


Help more people achieve better outcomes

Demand for debt advice outstrips supply. People who need help are struggling to find the support they need.

Elifinty transforms debt adviser support capacity with a smart, digital platform to engage and manage clients.

Our technology-first approach unlocks productivity and new user experiences so that the focus is on the client, not administrative tasks.

  • Increased capacity for debt advice
  • Optimised worklow for efficient case management
  • Faster and more accurate data gathering and processing
  • Best in-class digital journeys for your clients
  • Seamless data sharing with priroity and non-priority creditors
  • Compliant and secure processes

Product details

A closer look into debt adviser workflow

A unified system for enquiries, data gathering, third-party interactions, and debt solutions.

Receive enquiries

  • Digital enquires direct to your workflow
  • Enable customer enquiries from your website with a simple widget
  • Receive third-party debt advice referrals via our platform
  • User experience works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Gather data

  • Web app for clients to provide financial and personal details
  • Automated data gathering using third-party data sources (e.g. Open Banking)
  • Data entry validation, including trigger figures to ensure accuracy
  • Real-time visibility of client data and progress
  • Document upload
  • Appointment booking
  • User experience works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Connect with creditors

  • Send data requests and connect in real-time with creditors
  • Share important documents
  • Client progress automatically made available to creditors

Agree solution

  • Intelligent recommendations based on client personal and financial situation
  • Document templates auto-populated with client information
  • Apply Breathing Space


Our pricing model is simple—you pay per client cases processed.

There is no set-up fee and you'll automatically benefit from feature enhancements.

  • No set-up fee
  • Choice of billing periods (monthly, annual...)
  • Volume discounts available

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