Creditor portal

Digital tools for customer debt support

Streamline your debt support operations with digital journeys to engage your customers and intelligently automate debt advsier interactions.

Elifinty consumer app
Elifinty consumer app

Designed for creditors

From small to large creditors we offer simple tools to streamline customer debt support.

Improved engagement

Simple, digital user experiences make it easier for customers and your staff to collaborate.

Operational efficiency

Smart and automated data processing reduce the time staff spend on basic admin tasks.

No integration required

It's simple to set-up on our platform and start benefiting from our tools and services.

How it works

Engage customers and work with debt advisers to solve debt problems

Our Creditor Portal gives you a digital platform to streamline day-to-day management of customers with repayment difficulties.

Engage customers

Let your customers share financial and non-financial details and book an appointment using our smart web app.

Connect with debt advisers

Respond to incoming debt adviser data requests and get updates on customer progress using one simple interface.

Refer customers for debt advice

Refer customers to debt advice directly or let them self-refer by placing our referral widget on your digital assets (e.g. website).


Help more people with efficient technologies

Creditors routinely engage customers in debt difficulty to better understand their situation and provide appropriate support. For many this is often an analog, time-consuming process that gets in the way of understanding and helping the customer.

Elifinty's creditor portal is a single, digital platform to manage customer intercations. Our best in-class digital journeys let you engage clients, gather income and expenditure data, and interact with debt advisers to service data requests and get updates on client progress.

Our tech-driven approach offers improved user experiences, reduced operating costs, and better outcomes for customers.

  • Best in-class digital journey to engage your customers
  • Faster and more accurate data gathering and processing
  • Better quality customer conversations
  • Seamless data sharing with debt advisers
  • Compliant and secure processes

Product details

A closer look into creditor portal

A digital platform to manage day-to-day operations of customers with repayment difficulties.

Engage customers

  • Invite your customers to provide financial and personal details using email or sms
  • Best in-class web app for customers to interact and share data
  • Smart optimisations to reduce the customer effort to input and validate data
  • Digital appointment booking with your support staff

Connect with debt advisers

  • Get notified if a customer is has engaged with a debt adviser
  • Receive debt adviser data requests direct into the creditor portal
  • Easily respond to debt adviser requests, including live chat
  • Real-time customer progress updates through the debt advice process
  • API extensions allow system integration to automate data sharing

Refer customers for debt advice

  • Add a simple referral button to your website to enable digital debt advice referral
  • Directly refer your customers to a debt adviser of your choosing


We charge an annual platform fee + a cost per customer engaging through our web app.

There is no set-up fee and you'll automatically benefit from feature enhancements.

  • No set-up fee
  • Choice of billing periods (monthly, annual...)
  • Volume discounts available

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