Elifinty strengthens team to tackle #CostofLiving crisis

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Maysam Rizvi
7 Jun 2022

We are excited to announce Ferrie van Echtelt is joining #Elifinty as Chief Impact Officer.

Elifinty is on a mission to help transform and increase the severe lack of UK debt advice capacity and often time consuming experience in a time of great stress and need for many fellow citizens no longer able to deal with the #costoflivingcrisis.

Any person from different walks of life deserves to be aware and have access to understandable and directly helpful advice on their options and figure out a way forward to get back on their feet.

We have a range of cloud based solutions powered by #ethicalAI providing the tools and infrastructure for Creditors, Debt advice providers and including a free app for citizens. More on that in the coming months.

Our mission at Elifinty is to improve the financial resilience and wellbeing of anyone worrying with unsustainable household debt. Escalating cost of living with catastrophic high energy, fuel, rent, tax and food costs are forming the perfect storm. A storm that is pushing over 40% of the UK population and in other countries into financial distress forcing creditors to brace themselves like never seen before. We’re here to help creditors, debt advisors and most importantly the people living in debt.

Ferrie will help build the company in a number of areas internally and externally to maximise Elifinty’s social impact and build on the early success of the company. His 22 years cross-functional background and experience in corporate business, early stage ventures and social enterprises will be critical to achieving that.

Ferrie says: this is a tremendous humbling and rewarding opportunity to be part of a team and a mission that couldn’t be more relevant in the current cost of living crisis. My first 100 days are going to be intensely focused on the different partners Elifinty is already working with and make a difference now, whilst ensuring we are reaching out to compassionate leaders at any #Banks, #EnergyCompanies, #WaterCompanies, #CreditUnions, #Councils and #Community and #DebtAdvice Providers organisations to help them to further support their customers in ways they can’t on their own.

Please feel free to direct any questions to contact@elifinty.com.

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