It’s debt advice Jim, but not as we know it.

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Maysam Rizvi
3 Mar 2021

by Hoss Atri

Debt advice is in urgent need of reconstructive transformation. @elifinty we believe there is a better way. We are pushing apace with a new joined up ecosystem. Where all component, tasks and flows, from pre-advice to solution execution and aftercare, are digitally fused together from ground up and all are driven by the needs and interests of the client and in compliance with regulations.

Watching an episode of Star Trek Original series, I marvelled at how over 60 years ago Gene Roddenberry could envision technologies we take for granted now. HD flat screens, satellite navigation, video conferencing, cloud computing, smart homes and offices, smart electric cars. The list is almost endless. 

Fast forward to 2007 when Steve Jobs with one single invention, the iPhone, created an ecosystem that revolutionised how the world lives and works now. Hitherto hi-tech GSM mobile phones, Sony’s 35 year dominance of Walkman and Discman and Kodak’ decades of ruling the 35 mm photography industry were swept away in no time and HTML5 saw the end of the once almighty Adobe Flash plugin. 

One can see many parallels in UK free debt advice sector. Like calm and graceful swans, our frontline advisors calmly and cheerfully engage with their customers to understand their money and mental health issues and offer help. Meanwhile, under the waterline, behind the scenes, chaos of managing multiple spreadsheets, word documents, bulk emails and disconnected CRM and legacy case management reigns.  


Hoss Atri

@elifinty we believe there is a better way. We are pushing apace with a new joined up ecosystem. Where all component, tasks and flows, from pre-advice to solution execution and aftercare, are digitally fused together from ground up and all are driven by the needs and interests of the client and in compliance with regulations. No islands of automation, no manual task handovers, no more cut or copy and paste of information. 

Post advice, our ecosystem provides advisors and their clients with free Apps to track progress and stay connected digitally (and in person when needed) to ensure desired benefits. 


  • High double digit increase in advice capacity and operations efficiency with same resources
  • Smooth advice journey throughout for advisors and their clients 
  • Maximum repayments potential for creditors
  • More returns for every Pound spent on debt advice. 

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